Basics of sample collection, preservation and species identification of finfish

Joshi, K K and Sreekumar, K M (2015) Basics of sample collection, preservation and species identification of finfish. [Teaching Resource]


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    Fisheries are one of the most important renewable resources. With increasing fishing pressure, the only option left for the sustainability of fisheries is their rational management. Proper management is possible with a thorough knowledge of the dynamics of the fish stocks. For a meaningful study of the dynamics, knowledge of natural history of the species is necessary and this in turn can be acquired by the correct identification of fish species. This assumes greater importance in tropical seas where, a multitude of closely related and morphologically similar species occur. The role of taxonomy and proper identification cannot be overstressed in studies of population dynamics. Acquaintance with the main species should be such that there should no errors in identification of them in any special form such as racial differentiation, abnormalities, malformation due to decay or disease. As to species of less importance collections and observations can be made for taxonomic studies which will be useful in future. Species identification study is also a step towards understanding the bewildering biodiversity that characterizes in the marine ecosystem.

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