Deep-sea fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zone of India, resources, performance and new approaches to development

James, P S B R (2014) Deep-sea fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zone of India, resources, performance and new approaches to development. In: Marine Biology. The National Academy of Sciences, pp. 100-123.


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    The Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of India, declared in 1977, placed an onus on the country to exploit fully the inherited rich wealth of living and non-living marine fishery resources. The potential of marine fishery resources of the EEZ was revalidated at 3.92 million L, of which, currently, about 3.20 m .t are being exploited mainly from the coastal area. The balance of less than one million t. comprising mainly the underexploited and unexploited resources needs to be harvested from the offshore and deep sea regions. Apart from certain conventional resources, the most promising, typical oceanic resources include the tunas and related fishes, oceanic squids and oceanic sharks. Several steps initiated in the past to develop deep-sea Fishing have been futile. The recent successful indigenous efforts at deep-sea fishing needs to be encouraged and supported from all angles, by putting an end to foreign invasions for fishing in the Indian EEZ. Large investments in infrastructure and funds are considered unnecessary. A firm and explicit National Fishery Policy, incorporating a specific deep-sea fishing policy to be implemented in a practical manner would usher in the long awaited true deep sea fishing. A Ministry of Fisheries and a National Fisheries Mission are suggested for better coordination and priority action. The paper highlights the major resources available in the deep sea, their exploitation and new approaches to achieve the goals for development.

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