Notes on postlarval stages of the wWhite sardine, Kowala coval (Cuvier)

Bensam, P (1969) Notes on postlarval stages of the wWhite sardine, Kowala coval (Cuvier). Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 11 (1&2). pp. 251-254.


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Kowala coval popularly called the ' white sardine', is one of the pelagic shoaling clupeids occurring in the seas around India. It appears frequently in the catches of the indigenous crafts and mechanised vessels operating in the coastal waters. Also, it contributes a fishery of some magnitude along certain areas. (Chidambaram and Venkataraman, 1946 ; Mookerjee and Bhattacharya, 1950 ; Nair, 1952), particularly in the southwest region. Delsman (1926 b ; 1933) collected the plahktonic eggs of this species from the Java Sea and gave descriptions of a few early larval stages. Subsequently Devanesan and John (1941), Nair (1952) and Bapat (1955) have dealt with certain aspects of its biology including maturity, spawning season, eggs, early larvae etc.

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Eggs and Larvae
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