A new polychaete of the family Pilargidae from Palk Bay, South India

Rengarajan, K (1964) A new polychaete of the family Pilargidae from Palk Bay, South India. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of India, 6 (1). pp. 122-127.

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The family Pilargidae consists of the following seven genera : Ancistrosyllis Mc Intosh, Cabira Webster, Loandalia Monro, Otopsis Ditlevsen, Pilargis St. Joseph, Talehsapia Fauvel and Ancistargis Jones. However, Hartman (1947) has suggested that the genus Cabira, which is represented by only one species, might best be dropped from literature. Kitamori (I960) has described Pilargis matsunagaensis (= Ancistargis matsunagaensis), a new species from Matsunaga Bay, Hiroshima Prefecture, which combines the characters of both the genera Ancistrosyllis and Pilargis. It has a pair of antennae in the prostomium and the epitheUal papillae are scattered over most of the body. In addition, it has an acicular hook in notopodia, a character typical of the genus Ancistrosyllis. As pointed out by Jones (1961) P. matsunagaensis should belong to the genus Ancistargis. At present this genus is represented by two species, papillosus and matsunagaen.

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